Chartwell Home of Winston Churchill. Discover the house at Chartwell in Kent that Winston Churchill called home. Where he lived with wife, Clementine, and brought up his large family. Because it is decorated as it was in the 1930s you can really get into Churchill must have felt. Make your way through rooms like the library, study, sitting room and dining room. They are displayed as if the family had only just left the room.

Explore the museum rooms. It is so filled with gifts that Churchill received and see the original collection that Churchill and the family kept at his country home. As you make your way around the house uncover the home and family man behind the statesman.

The first room you will head into on your visit, the sitting room is laid out as it was in its heydays of the 1920s-30s, although was later used as a bedroom by Lady Churchill. On sunny days you can also head out onto the ‘Pink’ Terrace, perfectly showing off the reason the Churchill’s loved living here so much – the stunning views out over the Weald of Kent.

The Drawing Room was a place to meet as a family and with guests. It is a light and airy room looking out over the garden. Churchill was fond of playing bezique in here and the card table beyond the sofas is still set up for a game.

Don’t miss: Winter Sunshine, Chartwell (c.1924) by Winston Churchill. Entered anonymously in 1925 into a London exhibition for amateur painters and it won him first prize.

Things to consider

As Chartwell is located on a hillside, it means some visitors may have difficulty navigating certain areas.

Listed below are a few important points below in relation to access to help you plan your visit.

  • The car park is 250 metres from the house with access via a sloping path and 24 shallow steps. Those visitors unable to negotiate steps should use the mobility bus, which has a tailgate lift, to visit the house. Please note that the mobility bus is run by volunteers and although they try to provide this service everyday there may be days when it’s not running. Visitors arriving by car or minibus can organise a drive and drop to the front of the house in their own vehicles should the minibus not be running.
  • Coaches are unable to drive and drop to the house due to the size of the entrance gates.
  • For fire-safety reasons it’s necessary to restrict the number of wheelchairs in the house. We welcome two manual wheelchairs in the house at once; one upstairs and one downstairs (access to top floor is by stairs only).
  • There is wheelchair access only to the sitting room, drawing room, hall and library on the ground floor of the house. A virtual tour is available in the sitting room for wheelchair users.

As a busy property, we recommend avoiding visiting on a Sunday. It is quietest Monday-Friday during school term time.

To visit Churchill’s Chartwell home by coach contact Holt Services