Bodium Castle Robertsbridge: The impressive and beautiful symmetry of Bodiam Castle with its massive towers and broad moat is the perfect example of a 14th century medieval castle.  A great place to explore and imagine yourself back in the past and coming across the bridge for a magnificent feast in the great hall.

Autumn is the perfect time to climb the steep spiral staircases to the top of the towers. Be rewarded with the most incredible views across the River Rother valley towards Ewhurst Green and east towards Newenden.  The views are ever changing with the seasons and the state of the river.

As well as climbing up, you can take a few steps down from the castle courtyard and see the well room. The water would have been used in the nearby kitchens, but only ale from the buttery would have been drunk at the table.  Perhaps you can see why?  Before you leave this room, take a look up for a bird’s eye view.

Take a seat on the dais and survey the great hall before you. Imagine looking up to the minstrels’ gallery at the far end above the arches to the buttery, pantry and kitchen.  This room with its great vaulted roof and impressive arched window, probably glazed with stained glass, would have seen many a feast and celebration.

Something to Eat at Bodium Castle

A visit to the castle wouldn’t be complete without a stop for something delicious to eat. The Wharf Tea Room offers all the usual National Trust goodies and light lunch options whilst our dog-friendly Castle View Café, as its name suggests, overlooks the castle and offers snacks and our traditional cakes and scones.

The Wharf Tea Room and patio overlooking the river have both been extensively refurbished over the past couple of years. So pop in and enjoy a freshly brewed coffee and slice of home-made cake or grab a light lunch. Wherever you sit, inside or out, there’s now a great view across the Rother valley towards Bodiam station so you can see when your train is arriving.

Because everything is cooked on the premises by head chef, Phil, and baker, Marilyn, the smell of freshly cooked scones early in the morning is very tempting. Especially when you spoon jam and a generous helping of clotted cream onto them.

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