Windlesham Arboretum – Bagshot, is between the villages of Windlesham and Lightwater in Surrey. The Arboretum features lakes, monuments, follies, a small chapel and approximately 22,000 mature and rare trees.

A guide to wonderful Windlesham walks

The Windle Brook runs through the Arboretum and has seven main footbridges. There are approximately ten ponds, some of which are more properly identifiable as lakes based on size. The land and lakes, including a scattered number of buildings, altogether consist of just over 1 square kilometre (0.39 sq mi).

The Arboretum is also a fresh water park. It is in the south of the civil parish of Windlesham. Here alluvial soils juxtapose, furthest from the brook, with acidic, naturally wet heath.

A small percentage of land use is homes (one of which is a farm) within the bounds. The farm and homes own negligible parts of the Arboretum. Their semi-woodland gardens are in the style of Gertrude Jekyll, who lived in Surrey for most of her life. One such home is that of the Spowers family. Major William Spowers founded the Arboretum, died in old age in 2009

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