Wilderness Woods near Hadlow Down. In 1980 the Yarrows bought an unloved woodland. From this they created a successful forestry enterprise and a popular place to visit for groups, schools and families.

In Spring 2014, they sold the wood to the Morrish family. They are working with members to create a flourishing mixed-age community, which stewards and enjoys the woodland.


Wilderness Woods has 62 acres of chestnut coppice with stands of beech, Scots pine, Douglas, cedar and giant sequoia. Visit the cafe or the workshop. View a home and a kitchen garden. See the marquee, and camping shelters. Visit a collection of small enterprises which includes Lucy’s Little Forest School, Andy Coates’ Woodland Products and Rachel’s Wilderness Café.

It is a community of members of all ages who contribute their skills, knowledge and energy

To visit Wilderness Woods near Hadlow Down by coach contact Holt Services