Borde Hill Gardens near Haywards Heath. Botanical heritage and stunning landscapes make Borde Hill the perfect day out. Be it for horticultural enthusiasts, country lovers or families alike.

Created by Colonel Stephenson Robert Clarke from seeds gathered by the Great Plant Hunters of the early 1900s. A feature, the Edwardian Garden, is renowned for its rare shrubs and champion trees. Four generations of the Stephenson Clarke family have passionately continued to develop this Grade II English Heritage Garden and Parkland. It has been a registered Charity since 1965.

When Borde Hill House was built in 1598, the surrounding landscape was fields with hedgerows and tree-lined boundaries. By the mid 1700s the field margins had mostly been removed and the parkland came into being. Colonel Stephenson Clarke sponsored the great plant hunters to gather trees, shrubs and perennial plants from around the world. Many of the specimens were planted in the Garden and woodlands. The finer specimens were placed as landscape trees in the parkland to provide views and diversity.

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