The Wings Aviation Museum Balcolme is a totally voluntary organization. Run by friendly, dedicated volunteers, it is a registered charity and a member of Aviation Hertiage UK. It is also affiliated with the Royal Air Forces Association, RAFA.

The Wings Aviation Museum is housed in a large “hangar” style building located near to Gatwick Airport and close to Balcombe and Handcross in West Sussex. The museum has been open to the public for over 15 years.

Displaying an abundance of original memorabilia representing a wealth of “display themes” including: The Home Front, RAF Fighter Command, The Blitz, Battle of Britain and Bomb Disposal. In addition there are exhibits from the Home Guard and air raid shelters. Memorabilia such as aircraft turrets. Insights into RAF Bomber Command, US 8th Air Force, Luftwaffe, Russian Front, D-Day and the war across Europe plus much more.

Wings Aviation Museum- what to see

Items on display include aero engines, airframes, cockpits, aircraft gun turrets, uniforms, medals, flying equipment, hundreds of personal stories of war, sacrifice and courage.

Museum Objectives

The Wings Museum is a growing and so very much an active museum. Through the use of informative displays it aims to educate future generations of the sacrifices made during World War Two so to preserve the peace we all benefit from today. It is their goal to ensure that our memory is not lost through the passage of time. So that their courage and spirit lives on to inspire us all.


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