Amberley Museum West Sussex: Located in the heart of the South Downs National Park. Amberley Museum West Sussex is dedicated to preserving the industrial heritage of the South East. There are 36 acres to explore and over 40 exhibits to visit. Explore the site which was once a working chalk quarry. Discover the South’s working past. The museum offers you 150 years of Sussex history.

You can take a ride on the narrow-gauge railway and historic bus service. Learn about the history of transport and its importance to industrial development. So it puts the working life in the South Downs into a historic context.

See how science and technology has changed the way we live. Explore the history of communications through having a go at printing. Memorable because the working print shop is the only one of its kind in the South of England.

Discover how age-old skills are kept alive by craftspeople and volunteers. They work with traditional methods. Leave satisfied knowing about how things were handmade before modern technology.

Amberley Museum Transport

The narrow-gauge railway has three stations. Explore the site on the bus service.  There is an extensive collection: Of industrial trains, the signal box from Billingshurst, Southdown buses, and a Fire Station with historic tenders. Look back at bicycles through the ages. The re-creation of a Village Garage and Cycle Shop is really evocative because it will take you back to a by-gone age.

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