Kew Orchids in a storm: The weather on Monday, which had been so bad over the weekend that Kew actually shut (!), was much better. Some sunshine initially and a few showers after lunch. It felt hard to complain though as the Kew Orchid Festival was held in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. It was therefore, dry where necessary and wet also where necessary. Exactly what you expect from the world’s premier horticulture venue.

Group Travel from Sussex

Holt Services took our 19-seater coach to Lindfield, West Sussex to collect the good people of the Lindfield Horticultural Society. Holt Services has a long history of providing coach travel to groups in Sussex and Brighton. Setting out just before 09.00, and suffering a slow M25 the coach arrived at Kew, Elizabeth Gate at 10.45.

Elizabeth Gate is the officially recommended arrival gate for the Princess of Wales Conservatory. However, if it is raining, the Victoria Gate is better as the shop, cafe and loos are close by. Elizabeth Gate has the Orangery but it is not so well positioned. Victoria Gate is better for pick ups as well as you can all collect together in the shop, whilst someone goes to check if the coach is ready.

The trip was a major success. All the group had a wonderful time. Kew Orchids in a storm! Back in Lindfield just before 18.00. All in all a very good day.

The Rest of Kew Gardens

The point of the journey was to see the orchids. They were a brilliant sight – flower as art without doubt. But it cannot be denied that all of Kew is a miracle preserved. The old cast iron of the glass houses sits opposed to the very modern science that keeps rare and vulnerable plants propagating.

Should you wish to book a 19 seater Holt Services coach from Sussex to Kew, the cost is just £350. Click here for contact details to check availability.

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