I spy Bletchley Park: The secret facility that remained a secret for long after the war had ended. Such was the dedication of the young men and women who helped the Allies win that it is really only in the last decade that it has been opened up to the public. In such a short period of time it has become one of the UK’s top destinations.

The design is perfect to help you step into the shoes of those extraordinary people. Not only did they help win the war, but set the scene for the digital future.

It is open every day. Highlights include the restored code breaking huts, with their WW2 interiors faithfully recreated, the Mansion and hands on displays in the blocks. The grounds can be explored, there are interactive multimedia interfaces, soundscapes, galleries and exhibitions.

I Spy Bletchley Park

The signature venue is Hut 11A. The Bombe Breakthrough exhibition demonstrates how the Polish inspired machine helped the Allies to break into the Enigma code used by the Axis forces. Thousands of lives were saved by these technological breakthroughs.

The cinematic experience includes D-Day: Interception Intelligence, Invasion which explains in appropriate detail how the intelligence produced at Bletchley Park directly impacted on the Normandy landings.

The Trust’s own collections include personal items from Veterans, such as diaries, letters and recollections, and oral histories that add a unique personal insight into the wartime code breaking activities. In addition, Bletchley Park is a repository for objects and documents on long-term loan from GCHQ’s historical collection. These include many of the key items that relate to the code breaking story, such as relevant cipher machines and original paperwork.


Given that 2020 is the 75th anniversary of VE, Bletchley Park has chosen to put on a celebratory weekend in May. They also have popular concert dates in August for VJ Day.

The whole journey can be topped off with afternoon tea taken in the iconic mansion.  Private tours can be booked which includes lunch.

The journey from here in West Sussex to Bletchley Park is about 2 hours and 15 minutes. A blink of the eye compared with the quantum leaps they made here 80 years ago.

To hire Holt’s luxury 19-seater coach for an excursion to Bletchley Park, the cost is just £350

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