Just be a London Tourist: A trip to London is always special. There is a phenomenal amount to see and do. Just turn any corner and history and culture hits you right between the eyes. On this Saturday day trip to see Tina Turner at the Aldwych Theatre, we took the ‘tourist’ route through Whitehall and Trafalgar Square before heading for the National Portrait Gallery


Contact Holt Services to book a coach for your experience of the sites and sounds in London. More and more the pressure is on cars to stay away from the big cities in order to reduce pollution and CO2 emissions. Coaches are looked at as the way forward to keep the bustling, dynamic, crowded, exciting feel that permeates the streets but avoiding the downsides of transport. The small coaches that Holt uses are ideal for nipping down back streets and taking short cuts to get ahead of the traffic. All in all a trip to London with Holt Services is uplifting and inspiring.

Feel free to call to discuss ideas about what you may like to do in your trip to London. Holt will do their utmost to ensure it works out the way you wish.