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Can’t Miss a Canterbury Visit

Can’t miss a Canterbury Visit: As the seat of the head cleric of the Church of England; the town where Thomas a Becket was killed by the king’s men; Chaucer and Marlow; the ancient walls and houses, the towering cathedral and fast running River Stour – Canterbury is a perfect destination for a day visit. So you can’t miss a Canterbury visit.

It has a compact centre. Arguably Canterbury has some of the best shopping in Kent. Plus it is so well arranged for coach groups. Plenty of cafes and pubs as well to refill flagging energy levels. Canterbury certainly deserves a place on your ‘to visit’ list


Lilford Gallery, in the heart of the King’s Mile shopping area, exhibits contemporary fine art from national and international artists as well as works from new and exciting talent.

The Sidney Cooper Gallery is a contemporary arts space located on the main street in Canterbury. In the main, the programme consists of a dynamic mix of exhibitions and events. For instance it showcases works by international artists and graduating students from Canterbury Christ Church University.

Gallery 64a is based at the southern end of Oxford Street in Whitstable. The gallery hosts both group and solo exhibitions of local and international artists. However, every month new shows exhibited. So come and visit in the Artistic Quarter of Oxford Street and take the opportunity to view and buy original artwork



  1. Elizabeth Taylor

    Ooh Adrian,Canterbury looks good! Give me a guide price for,say, April?
    I liked the look of Earnley too,but they’ve closed now,due to retirement !!shame.
    Ps…did you pass your exam???

  2. admin

    Hi Liz
    I’ll email you a Canterbury cost and some dates that are available. If you want to do a compare and contrast you will have Winchester Cathedral and Westminster Abbey as your base against which to test Canterbury. It will do quite well but is rather more expensive than it should be in my opinion.

    Sad about Earnley. I posted a picture of it’s donkey on Google and it has had 5,000!!! views. And yes I actually managed to pass the exams. Still waiting for the actual mark which should be through next week.

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